Tanja & Goran

October 22, 2019

A beautiful couple stands hugged as the sun sets behind them

Tanja i Goran, newlyweds to wish for…

Newlyweds to wish for. How else to start this story? The two of them knew everything they wanted from us. They even practice poses for a photo session at home. It’s called a commitment to photography. But Tanja is an amateur photographer and a lover of the same, so it’s no wonder that our entire wedding session has been carefully planned. And Goran just had to listen to her do everything she taught him at home. Otherwise we love it while everything is spontaneous and without too many poses. And it was so in their session, at least it doesn’t seem to be by this introduction. They simply practiced hugs to ease and break the porch. And it came to them.

It all started with Tanja’s godmother in a circle of several best friends. And this is where the bride had everything planned. But again nothing forced. Four beautiful girls greeted us in their bathrobes drinking champagne. Simple and relaxed. Take a look at the photo blog. They were jumping on the bed, laughing and preparing Tanya together for going to church.
We won’t waste too many words on the wedding ceremony. It was a wedding with a lot of emotions, happiness and joy.

After saying “Yes” to each other,

we all headed to a small and beautifully decorated restaurant near Zagreb. As every time, the newlyweds opened the dance, cut the wedding cake a little later, the bride handed her bouquet to the next girl to marry and to continue this beautiful circle of love.