Bojana & Tomislav

October 30, 2019

Detail of loving brides with focus on wedding ring

Wedding photos from Trakošćan lake

We have take a beautiful wedding photos in the heart of Zagorje. In a small town called Bednja. And where everyone talks bednjanski. Interesting one dialect. Hard to understand and slowly disappearing …

We did our wedding photography a few days earlier on the beautiful lake next to Trakošćan Castle. Our newlyweds knew what they wanted and because of that everything went very spontaneously and with lots of laughs and emotions. How was that photo shoot, see below in the post.

On the wedding day itself, we began by photographing the preparation of our dear bride Bojana, while her family and friends eagerly awaited the arrival of the groom Tomislav.

Bojana is a native of Bednja, while Tomislav is from a small village near Našice. Well, that’s where the fun part begins. As everyone has their customs, so too did Tomislav have to prove that he was ready to become a true brother-in-law. And he accomplished his task and more than excellent! He talked bednjanski, drinking wine as if he had been born there, and his yard jobs were not hated.

After our newlyweds and their guests had a good time and a little refreshment, it was time to head for the wedding ceremony. It was held in a small chapel next to the castle Trakošćan. And the chapel is small and sweet. Just like the two of them. Wonderfully. And it all flowed with lots of emotions and tears of joy.

The dinner itself was held in a wonderful restaurant where everyone had fun until the early hours of the morning. There was a lot of dancing, great local food, different customs. But no story can be made about it 🙂 Let the photos speak for themselves … Enjoy our wedding photos!